Belly-Laughing Business Women in Richmond

Belly-Laughing Business Women in Richmond

Embrace who you are and stop trying to be someone you’re not.

“Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.” Ingrid kicks off our final episode with the pivotal moment she decided to quit her job.

Our final stop in Richmond, VA led Mary and me to a wine shop for portraits and then the back room of Elements Beauty Store to chat with three kickass ladies. It was our last day heading back to DC and although we were exhausted from the five day journey, we ended up belly laughing our way through this episode. We had a roundtable with Ingrid Black, Charleen McManus, and Christina Dick learning about what motivates them, keeps them energized, and ahead of the curve.



These ladies are kicking butt and taking names – any way they need to. Ingrid has a strong belief that the Universe takes care of her – job, move, relationship. Charleen’s network kicked ass for her and got her a ton of new clients who believe in her without any marketing. Christina networks with her clients in a leotard while she’s doing adult gymnastics. They kept us laughing the whole conversation.


Grab some tissues for all the crying laughter and real talk while you listen in to find out why Ingrid wondered about why Americans wanted hairy penises, what Charleen’s “Accountabili-buddies” are, and Christina’s love for White Castle burgers. You’ll want to be at one of Charleen’s parties after you’re done. Thanks for being a part of our first HERadventures series. More to come!



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Ingrid Black –  Vice President Healthcare Services at Towne Park Systems

Five words: embarking on a new adventure

LinkedIn: Ingrid Black

Charleen McManus – Chief Marketing Monster at Tiny Monster Marketing

Five words: hopelessly curious, throw killer parties, enthralled with connecting people, world’s worst gardener, dork out over words & linguistics

Facebook: Charleen Pine McManus

LinkedIn: Charleen (Pine) McManus

Instagram: @cmpmcmanus

Twitter:​ @charleenmcmanus


Christina Dick​ – Founder of TFB Agency & Blogger at Tiramisu for Breakfast

Five words: energy, social media, beauty blogger, adult gymnastics, cat person​

Instagram: @christinamdick and ​@tiramisuforbreakfastblog

Twitter: @christinamdick

LinkedIn: Christina Dick

Facebook: Christina M Dick


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5 Days. 4 Cities. 5 Interviews. 17 Women. 1 Sassy MINI.

5 Days. 4 Cities. 5 Interviews. 17 Women. 1 Sassy MINI.

Welcome to HERadventures: the women-focused side of Adventures in Branding!

Earlier this year, I jumped in Roxie Jean, the Hotrod Machine with my good friend & photographer extraordinaire, Mary Gardella, and embarked on a weeklong adventure to Virginia and the Carolinas. Logging hundreds of miles, we interviewed 15 rockstar women about their own personal brands and professional journeys, examining just what it means to be a woman today, in life AND in the workplace. We even went ziplining!

“Fear is invited to come along but Fear is not allowed to drive, choose the songs on the radio, select the snacks, or suggest detours.– Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

In this inaugural episode of HERadventures, Mary and I got together to reminisce and rehash our epic road trip. We get to share our perspective and what we learned as a result of our crazy adventure, touching on everything from Jennifer Aniston’s recent Huffington Post article to the role fear plays in our lives.


Who was the most influential woman in Mary’s life? What do I do to de-stress? Learn the answers to these questions – and more – and jump into our private HERadventures Facebook group or subscribe to subscribe to Adventures in Branding. We’ve got 6 weeks of kickass women. Stick around to see what happens next!