Competitors Turned Coworkers - a Charlotte, NC conversation

Fierce competitors, fiercely loyal coworkers

You don’t hear THAT every day - especially not when it’s a group of women.

Mary and I made our way to Charlotte, NC where I spoke at the American Marketing Association marketing workshop. Three ladies sat down in the front row and quickly became super engaged in this workshop. Afterward, I asked for volunteers for the podcast and no one came up. When we walked out, these three ladies were so full of laughter, you could tell they had stories to tell. We were thrilled when they agreed to rock HERadventures with us and found out later they were competitors who had become coworkers through their employers’ recent acquisitions.

When we sat down with Carrie-Ann Kulinski, Messina Truttman, and Rachelanne Hansen, we realized these three ladies weren’t just coworkers, but friends. At a roundtable in the back of a busy hotel conference center, we shared life, advice, and love with each other and the podcast. Discussing everything from fixing furnaces, raising large families alone, how they were raised, being friends, and adopting Great Danes, we noticed there was much more in common between all of us than we first realized. I brought up Tony Robbins’s idea of “limiting beliefs”, Mary retells how she proved a naysayer wrong, and the whole group discusses the role of women in the workplace. Listen as these beautiful women share their greatest strengths, biggest influences, and find out what “Tall Tree Syndrome” is.

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Messina Truttman - Marketing Director in Piedmont, MO
5 words: rescuer/dog-mom, adventurous, rebellious, creative, tattooed
Facebook: Messina Truttman
LinkedIn: Messina Truttman


Rachelanne Hansen - Marketing Specialist in Oshkosh, WI
5 words: mother, wife, student, traveler, dog-mom
Facebook: Rachelanne Yuza
Linkedin: Rachelanne Hansen

Carrie-Ann Kulinski - Director of Marketing in Oshkosh, WI
5 words: adventure, mom (of 5!), entrepreneur, sales, restless traveler
Facebook: Carrie-Ann Kulinski
Instagram: @Jordyfan_87
Twitter: @carrieann_16
LinkedIn: Carrie-Ann Kulinski

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