Entrepreneurs are BIG dreamers.
Our big dreams are solving big problems.
Getting to the right customers
is our big problem.

Stop selling & start connecting.

Get it every Tuesday to keep you rockin'

Be in control of your brand

Your brand is built on what everyone is saying about you, 
NOT what you're saying about yourself.

What does BMW make?
The Ultimate Driving Machine.
They don't make cars.
They create an experience.

What are you doing to create that experience for your customers?

Know why you're different from your competitors, set up a culture that matches your brand communication and core values, and get the clients you deserve without having to sell.

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Thu January 29, 2015
Washington, DC
Thu February 5, 2015
Alexandria, VA
Thu February 12, 2015
Washington, DC
Thu March 12, 2015
Kalamazoo, MI
Thu April 9, 2015
WORKSHOP: Physician Insurers Association of America
Charlotte, NC
Mon April 13, 2015
WORKSHOP: American Marketing Association's Spring Workshops
Nashville, Tennessee
Tue May 26, 2015
Rockville, MD
Wed June 10, 2015
Rockville, MD
Thu August 27, 2015
Stromstad, Sweden
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If you want a speaker to make your audience walk out on fire, you need Melanie Spring. She ROCKS her content as she teaches you how to rock yours! - Jan Fox, Fox Talks

All growing businesses could use a little Brand Therapy. Get your team together & talk through your core values, find out how to write GREAT content, and even get out of your business & start sharing your personal brand. High-energy, interactive workshops include:

  • Define Your Brand
  • Executive Branding
  • Content Writing
  • Content Marketing

Growing a business is hard work. Melanie would love to hear
your branding & marketing challenges. Send her a note.

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