If we're all humans, why does marketing
sound like we're talking to buildings?
Let's stop talking B2B & B2C.

Melanie Spring talks to humans >

Your brand is what
EVERYONE ELSE is saying about you,

NOT what you're saying about yourself.

If you want a speaker who makes your audience walk out on fire, you need Melanie Spring. She ROCKS her content as she teaches you how to rock yours!

- Jan Fox of Jan Fox Talks

Two million conferences are held every year in the US alone. Billions of dollars are spent on learning, educating, and networking at these conferences. Most offer the same boring content every year.

It's time to change that.

Melanie Spring will liven up your industry conference & rock your audience. She brings new content, a passion to every word she speaks, and will make sure every attendee walks out with a plan.

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Fri September 11, 2015
Swedish Tour Complete
Wed September 16, 2015
Reston, VA
Fri September 18, 2015
Lincoln, NE
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Your brand is built on what everyone else is saying about you, not what you're saying about yourself.

Making sure your business grows is your number one priority. Whether you're transitioning out of corporate, starting out as a solopreneur, or running a 30-year-old business doesn't change your priority.

Melanie's Brand Strategy sessions inspire you and/or your team to build the brand, grow the business, and make sure marketing turns into money.

Growing a business is hard work. Melanie would love to hear
your branding & marketing challenges. Send her a little note.

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